the hole

We are experiencing the worst storm today and we are cooped up inside. E. is carving a spoon and I am trying to get my head around some new knitting projects.

Buachaille by Kate Davies is my new challenge. Really excited to be finally starting my first project – Baffies! Let’s see if my gauge will not mess things up. I find that because I knit using continental style, I find that my gauge is often off mark.

What a disaster with the The Bousta Beret, when after knitting all the repeats as indicated by the pattern, I realised that the beret turned out SO HUGE that it hang below my neck. The problem seems to be loose tension throughout my repeats. Perhaps this has happened because I used different yarn, –  a lovely Alpaca and Mohair mix by La Droguerie. Or maybe it’s just my floppy hands…

a giant hole

So in the end, instead of continuing with the decreases, I tied the stitches at the top to make the beret wearable. But this has resulted in a slight hole at the top! What can I say? I am not an ordinary knitter. On the positive note the hole might actually increase air circulation when I ran around at work.

Whenever I knit something from a pattern, it hardly ever turns out as on the project photograph. Let’s see if I can manage to create something decent with this lovely yarn.

Meanwhile the rain falls and our bird feeders are getting emptied by a gang of sparrows, finches, and tits.