spring has arrived

It’s hard to write something meaningful when you have this view in front of you.


We’ve enjoyed some epic weather here in the west of Ireland. There has been not a drop of rain, no, not even a little. The smell of rot and damp in the air are gone and there is a foreign smell of fragrant grasses and new vegetation all around. Tiny lambs in the fields sleep under the hot welcoming sun. Spring is officially here!

Our  colleagues took advantage of this heat wave and took five hawks up to the mountains nearby to enjoy the views and to let birds stretch their wings.

Here is Maya and Inagh


It was so beautiful to see the birds soar and play in the wind.




It’s wonderful to be alive this time of year. I’ve never felt spring’s presence as strongly as I do this year, perhaps this is because we spend most of our days outdoors.

There are birds visible everywhere at the moment, giant rookeries have sprang up almost overnight with some nests precariously hanging above country roads. I’ve seen rooks carrying big sticks and food to their nests to their mates who are already patiently sitting on eggs. There are groups of overexcited starlings beatboxing on every roof, fat pigeons are noisily courting each other. And even seagulls are singing in large gangs in the fields nearby rising and landing as they perform their sun salutations each morning.

There is nowhere to hide from sudden chatter and noise, from this shifting, rushing, moving, and living.

We’ve been also moving and exploring a lot these past few weeks on foot and on our canoe.



The weather is of course going to change soon, but I am so grateful that we’ve all had a break from storms, wind, and rain. That we’ve been able to shake winter off and had a chance to just be outside and play under the hot smiling sun.

Happy spring!



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