we found a nest!

The big news is that we found an active sparrowhawks' nest. It's in a small pine woodland near a house and two people we know took a wild sparrowhawk chick from this very spot sixteen years ago under a license. On our previous visit there weeks ago we found feathers from many recent kills. Sparrowhawks who occupied the woods … Continue reading we found a nest!


feather obsessed

There is something very satisfying in finding feathers. Perhaps like foraging the practice of finding and making sense of an object appeals to my inner hunter-gatherer. Feathers are also beautiful and they smell lovely of everything old and comforting. My husband Ed has been collecting feathers for years from various trips and countries we visited. When we began … Continue reading feather obsessed

a trip to the coast

We live in Ireland's Lake District near two enormous bodies of water - Lough Mask and Lough Corrib. There is also Lough Coolin a short hike from our house up Mount Gable. The mountain itself is a soggy giant covered in bell heather and bog. There is so much fresh water around, above and below and so little … Continue reading a trip to the coast