walking up a tree

The sparrowhawk nest we found a few weeks ago is about fifteen meters off the ground. It is a tightly woven conical shape structure made of sticks close to the trunk of a typical sitka spruce - the kind a tree surgeon friend calls a "pole". The tree is so straight, so tall, and so covered in thin … Continue reading walking up a tree


a female in the nest

One thing I love about living in Ireland is how everything turns green almost overnight. One day trees look bare and wet and the next day they are covered in greenest new leaves that scream "Summer!". Everything changes so suddenly that it's hard to recognise the woods we've roamed in search of nests. A few weeks ago I wrote that … Continue reading a female in the nest

more nests more bones

We found two more sparrowhawk nests since my last post! The first one we discovered accidentally by following a sparrowhawk who flew across a woodland track in front of our bicycles. The woods there are absolutely stunning - nicely spaced sitka spruce, moss, and wood sorrel everywhere. We called this Sorrel Woods. We heard sparrowhawks calling almost immediately after entering the … Continue reading more nests more bones