there are no words to say

There are times in life when words are not enough to tell the story. It would be too painful and difficult to write everything that has happened since my last post. So I won’t. We made an audio about it if you are interested to know the details. But to sum things up two major and rather unexpected events took place – we didn’t get a wild sparrowhawk and I had an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.


The months of July and August were tough.

Surgery and loss of pregnancy left me with physical and emotional scars that are slow to heal. But I am lucky to have a loving husband and friends to help me through this darkness. Also there is a beautiful bird came swooping into our lives rather unexpectedly.

This is a male goshawk, Archie.


Archie is about two months old and he will stay with us until December. I will write more about him and our experiences of training him soon.



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