My hawk is growing

So, I said that I would write a post about Irish Wild Take and explain how I ended up with this beautiful wild sparrowhawk in my house, and I promise I will. But for now I just wanted to share a few photos from today's activities, which involved hunting pine cones. This sounds like a … Continue reading My hawk is growing


What is falconry?

For the past two weeks, I've been sharing my house with a wild sparrowhawk. She came to me via an unusual route - I took her from a nest in the local woods under the Irish 'wild take' licence for the purpose of falconry. I wrote about this process in a series of blog posts … Continue reading What is falconry?

sparrowhawks have hatched

The big news is that sparrowhawk's nest in the Sorrel Woods has chicks in it! The reason we know this is because we've been watching the nest every day for the past weeks. We found a hiding spot behind a large sitka spruce far enough from the nest not to disturb the mother and yet with … Continue reading sparrowhawks have hatched